***NOTE: If you have paid your membership fee and do not have access to the Member Area Menu, please contact us.***

To join, please click the Member Application link at left and select the appropriate membership level from those described below:

Fellow Members: is a CAHEA or CAAHEP-accredited PA program graduate or NCCPA-certified Physician Assistant who is also a Fellow Member of the American Academy of Physician Assistants. Rights to vote and hold office in the LAPA are restricted to LAPA Fellow Members in good standing. Annual Dues $125.00

Associate Members: includes those PAs who are eligible for AAPA Fellow Membership, but chose not to join the AAPA. Also those PAs who have been granted the title of physician assistant under the auspices of the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners are eligible for Associate Membership. Associate Members cannot vote or hold office. Annual Dues $125.00

Affiliate Members: consists of physicians (supervising and non-supervising), administrators and faculty members of any AAPA/LAPA recognized Physician Assistant Training Program. The LAPA will also accept, as affiliate members, any interested health care individual subject to the Board of Directors approval. Affiliate Members cannot vote or hold office. Annual Dues $125.00

PA/MD Team: The PA will receive LAPA Fellow status only if they are an AAPA Fellow. If not, they will receive Associate member status which does not include voting privileges. The MD will receive an Affiliate Member status. Annual Dues $150.00

Dual Members: Dual Members shall include those physician assistants who are Fellow Members of the AAPA and another constituent chapter recognized by the AAPA. Dual Members cannot vote or hold office. Annual Dues $125.00

PA Student Members: PA  students enrolled in any ARC-PA approved PA training program are elligible for membership in LAPA. Current calendar year membership that expires on December 31st of the year dues are paid - membership fee is $20.00. Extended membership that expires on 31 December of the year student graduates is $35.00 

Click on MEMBER APPLICATION in the JOIN box in the mid-upper left side of this page, or to mail in.