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Critical Practice Barriers Eliminated in Louisiana

Critical Practice Barriers Eliminated in Louisiana

Key Element Added to PA Law

The hard work and determination of the Louisiana Academy of PAs (LAPA) paid off when Gov. Bobby Jindal signed Senate Bill 115 (SB 115) on July 1. The legislation greatly improves patient access to care and removes several dated barriers to PA practice and adds one of AAPA’s Six Key Elements of a Modern PA Practice Act to Louisiana law. AAPA was pleased to work in partnership with LAPA to support this important legislation.

Improvements made to Louisiana PA law include:

  1. Prescriptive authority for Schedule II medications;
  2. Increasing the number of PAs a physician may work with from two to four;
  3. Authority to request, receive, and sign for drug samples as well as distribute drug samples to patients; and
  4. Amplifying that the level and method of supervision shall be determined at the practice-level.

LAPA especially thanks Sen. Fred Mills for his leadership on this legislation.  Forty-one states and the District of Columbia now have full prescriptive authority for PAs.

The signing of SB 115 caps a very successful two-month span which also saw Louisiana’s PA regulations amended to greatly improve PA practice in the state. The regulations, which were published in the May 20 Louisiana Register and were a result of LAPA and the LSBME working together to eliminate the mandatory 100% co-signature requirement, replacing it with a more meaningful chart review process. These rules also resulted in the addition of a Key Element. Between the rules and SB 115, Louisiana has gone from three Key Elements to five.