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DEA Update is Complete

Washington has approved Drug Schedules 2 and 2N for Louisiana PAs.  Below is a copy of the updated chart for LA Mid-Level Practitioners, which can be found  

The steps you will take to update your schedule authority are listed below.

  1. Complete online form with LSBME Forms/Information: PA Notice of Intent to Practice and/or Supervising Physician Delegation of Prescriptive Authority
  2. LSBME will review/accept and post the acceptance online.
  3. Log on to the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy and choose to apply for new CDS or update current CDS
  4. The board of Pharmacy will check the LSBME online for your approval status.  They will update your CDS accordingly. 
  5. Once your CDS is updated, then go onto the DEA site.  UPDATE DEA LICENSE